Location of the project : District- Burdwan,Working Area-Burdwan Urban and Adjoining Areas .

Estimated population size (to be covered by the project): 10000

Summery of the Project

Speed has been working towards sustainable development in Environment, Health Nutrition and education of child, adolescent and women in need for about 7years. The institute has been working in the area of HIV/AIDS from 2006-07. While working in the field of Reproductive and Child Health (RCH-II), Speed realized the need to integrate HIV/ AIDS prevention, Counselling and testing services & care and Support for people living with HIV/AIDS. Speed had been worked in STD/HIV/AIDS intervention programme, named Parijayi Paricharcha. & now since last 2 Years speed has been working TI among Migrant Labourers

We realise from our past year's experiences that there is link between Migration and Multiple sexual partners and which leads to high rate of HIV transmission. Migrants are bridge populations for HIV transmission from urban to rural areas and between high-risk and low-risk groups. Long working hours, isolation from their family and movement between areas may increase the likelihood that an individual will become involved in casual sexual relationships, which in turn may increase the risk of HIV transmission. Intervention initiative for these vulnerable groups is yet to be taken in Burdwan. Speed is doing an intervention in a small manner for controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS in the selected areas from his own commitment to the society.

Salient feature of the Project

  • Identification of Target groups and their work place
  • Generating awareness about precautionary measures against AIDS.
  • Sensitization of target population about RTI/STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and HIV/AIDS
  • Awareness generation about the preventive measures against HIV/AIDS
  • Enhancing use of condoms through social marketing.
  • To develop a network at local & district level for HIV/AIDS & providing medical facility
  • To Empower community and Strengthening the voice of the ML
  • Enhancing responsiveness of the Industry owners
  • To support community-based, community-managed and community-owned systems & processes for sustainability

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