About Speed


Some enlightened young persons of youthfulness meet every day in the evening in a place after completing their daily endeavor. The place is near Sanskriti Loko Mancha of Burdwan Town. The members of this group named them as Dishehara and the place as Dishehara Thek. The group members are from various walks of life but in one case they are identical.
The case is that everyone is willing to do something for society especially towards the Children, Women and for the socio-economically depressed people. To fulfill their dream they registered themselves as Speed under Society Registration Act.

Speed, established in as a Charitable Society in India, Speed has worked in peoples empowerment, development, care and support projects throughout India since2004. The Speed has broad experience in NGO networking, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, training, and managerial experience Human development. Speed's approach to development is participatory, community-directed, innovative, holistic and self-sustaining in nature, optimizing local human and institutional resources for appropriate, cost-effective implementation. Wherever feasible, interventions are comprehensive and inter-connected. Each project component complements and supports other activities to improve the overall impact of the program on the lives of those it benefits.


Increasing Social Mobilization by the way of participation in skills enhancement, Poverty Alleviation, Health, education, Environment, Human resource development & conducting applied and advanced research in the respective fields.


To Create a Society for People's Education Environment and Development.

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